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Summary of Judgement in ‘Sustaining the Wild Coast and others Vs Shell and DMRE’ (The Shell Wild Coast case)

Summary of South African Small Scale Fisheries Sector Policy – in isiXhosa, isiZulu and English

The Small Scale Fisheries policy 2012 was an achievement of small scale fishers who organised to have their rights fish and autonomously manage the coastal commons. This policy acknowledges the importance of the small scale sector as contributing in sustainable ways to food and livelihoods, the need to transform the South African fishery acknowledging and redressing past dispossession of small scale fishers and importantly, for marine and coastal areas to be managed in a collaborative manner with conservation agencies working together with fishers to sustain our coastal ecosystems and the life it supports. Understanding this policy is important for engagements in marine and ocean decision making. Here are some summaries that can be drawn on. 

IsiXhosa Summary