West Coast fisher leaders prepare to go to court to stop Searcher seismic survey

West Coast small scale fishing communities are preparing to go to court against the Minister of DMRE and Searcher GeoData next week, in a courageous effort to stop the latest seismic survey on the West Coast.

CJN researchers from Rhodes ELRC and UCT EGS are working with the Legal Resources Centre, Natural Justice, Masifundise, Coastal Links, The Collective, SDCEA, Oceans Not Oil and the Green Connection to support these fisher leaders in this litigation.

At the heart of this case are the deep concerns of West Coast fishing communities about the impacts of this survey on ocean life, and by extension on their lives, their livelihoods, their culture and the social fabric of their communities. As intergenerational fishing communities, with inextricable relationships with the sea and with special species, including snoek, that form the foundation of their social, economic and cultural identities, these are the true leaders of ocean custodianship in our country.

West Coast fisher leaders and their allies are deeply concerned about the impact of this seismic survey, along with the cumulative impacts of the onslaught of extractive and polluting activities taking place in their coastal and ocean territories. In the last year alone, these fisher leaders and their allies have had to respond to Karpowerships, the Belton Park mining threat (amongst many other mining developments), coffer dams built by diamond mining companies, dumping of toxic chemical cargo from polluting ships, and now this seismic survey, exploring for oil and gas over vast areas of the West Coast ocean.

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CJN has prepared these share-able infographics about the case, and we will continue to share unfolding news – please share widely.